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Tachyon Video Contest is up and running….

Here are a few new videos we found on Youtube…our first windsurfing video, some more moto vids and a ski video…enjoy, read the post below for video contest instructions or visit the website.

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Tachyon XC-Helmet Cam-Video Contest

Announcing the Tachyon XC Video Contest

Make the hottest Tachyon XC video on YouTube using your Tachyon XC Helmet Camera and you will win a valuable prize! On April 30, 2009 we will choose the winner from all the contest videos on YouTube that have been filmed with the Tachyon XC Helmet Camera. The judges will be paying special attention to the following criteria:
Video Quality

Make sure your video is taken in good strong daylight so that colors are bright and sharp.Be sure that your video is smooth and stable. Upload your video to YouTube so that it can be watched in at least High Quality mode. HD is also possible, but not required.

How to upload HQ/HD videos to YouTube

Save your films at a resolution of at least 640X480 pixels or at the highest possible setting that your editing software allows. Be patient, because uploading HQ video may take a few hours, and it takes YouTube time to then encode your video so that it will be playable with their HQ/HD option. You may edit your films to fill up the new YouTube wide screen, but this is not required.

Is your film fast paced and exciting, with good, artistic transitions between scenes? Are all non-essential frames cut out so that your video has the greatest impact-per-second? Are your films scenes cut to match the music?

Does the music go well with your film? Does it fit the subject and the pace of the action?
Does your film follow a story line, with a beginning, middle and end?

Additional Requirements:
You must show the words “Tachyon XC Contest” somewhere in the title of your video, and the words “helmet camera” in the tags.
Tachyon will announce the winner on this page and in the comment area on the winning video.


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