New Team Tachyon XC Athletes!

I would like to welcome and introduce three of the newest members of Team Tachyon XC:

Drifter: Mauricio Marin out of New Jersey

Mauricio Marin at East Coast Bash

Mauricio Marin at East Coast Bash

Snowboarder: Ross Patton out of South Lake Tahoe, CA

(A Nor-Cal brother)

Ross Patton gettin freaky!

Ross Patton gettin freaky!

Paintball/Woodsball Videographer: Jude Pido out of Rochester, MN

I think you will all love the videos that will be coming from these three individuals over the next year. We are currently in talks with a number of international athletes and looking to add more to Team Tachyon. We at Tachyon, Inc. will continue to build Team Tachyon into one of the worlds top Action/Outdoor sports teams on the planet. To see why we are receiving countless emails from world class athletes to wear our Tachyon XC helmet cam visit the website here


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