Tachyon XC Paintball Armor

“This my friends on the paint worn battle fields of the world is for you.”

Over the last year we have talked to numerous paintballers and airsoft gurus who use the Tachyon XC.  Everyone that we have talked to wondered if we would ever have something to protect the lens, well again we listened.  We have created a lens protector that we call Tachyn XC Paintball Armor.  This lens is designed to fit over the XC lens and protect it from direct contact, the Armor is not designed to be a fail safe guard from direct hits to the lens, but it will absorb impact and hopefully not allow your lens to break.  How do you get one?  All you have to do when you order your Tachyon XC camera is write “Paintball Armor” in the “Remarks” section and we will send you two free pieces with your package.  We put together a little video about the Armor.  Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Tachyon XC Paintball Armor

  1. That is sick, wish I had one, i could use it for mountainboarding AND paintball.

  2. That’s awesome! I don’t have the cam yet, but i look forward to adding this to my collection!

  3. This is a great idea for the paintball community. Hopefully this will make people less worried to take their cameras out on the field. Nice Job!

  4. tim

    hey I just ordered my tachyon xc 2010 on amazon and I forgot to ask for the armor too, is there a link where I can order the armor seperately?

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