The World’s Toughest Helmet Cameras Partners with the World’s Largest Paintball Event

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Tachyon XC - Official Partner of 2010 Oklahoma D-Day

May 12, 2010 — Tachyon™, Inc., makers of the world’s toughest helmet cameras, announce their partnership with D-Day Adventure Park, home of the world’s largest paintball event. Tachyon will be an official video partner for the 2010 Oklahoma D-Day event located in Wyandotte, Oklahoma from June 6 – 13, 2010. Differing from other “Big Game” paintball events, Oklahoma D-Day hosts scenarios modeled after the Allied invasion of Normandy. In addition, mini-scenario events, qualifications, and walk-on speed events run the entire week so that participants can expect action throughout the entire seven days.

Tachyon will participate not only as a vendor, but also as a film crew; documenting many of the events and games. Tachyon’s creative director Chris Whitehouse, former video game designer, will be producing a series of YouTube webisodes documenting the events. The videos will be modeled after first-person shooter games using footage recorded by Chris and by participants in the battles who use Tachyon XC helmet cameras. Tachyon encourages all of their customers at the event to submit their videos for inclusion in the final video production. Tachyon will select the best footage submitted by their customers for the videos.

Tachyon will have a user lounge available for its customers, so that anyone who buys or brings their Tachyon XC or XC Micro helmet cams to the booth can relax in the shade, share videos, backup and download videos using Tachyon’s computers, and receive helpful advice. Tachyon staff will be available to help users properly mount their cameras and give recording and editing tips.

“Our cameras have a patented, shock proof design that makes them very tough and durable,” said Jeff Francis, Operational Director for Tachyon, Inc. “We believe this is the reason the paintball and airsoft communities prefer our helmet cameras. The world’s most popular airsoft video community already uses our helmet cams to record many of their videos and we’re very excited to have been selected by the organizers of Oklahoma D-Day, the world’s largest paintball event.”

Special Offer for Oklahoma D-Day Participants:

Participants who wish to record and share their experiences at the events can purchase a Tachyon XC Micro camera package at Tachyon’s booth for $189.99. The package includes: Tachyon XC Micro helmet cam , 8GB MicroSDHC card, and 4 x AAA lithium batteries. Since Tachyon will have limited stock at the event, D-Day participants who pre-order the package for pick up at our booth will receive the same set for $179.99. Participants can email support(at)tachyoninc(dot)com to pre-order.

About D-Day Adventure Park and the 2010 Oklahoma D-Day Event:

Wyandotte, OK based D-Day Adventure park hosts paintball, airsoft, and off-road events including the Oklahoma D-Day – the largest paintball event in the world. Attendees fly in from many different countries around the world to participate in an event so large, it will challenge their every skill as a scenario paintball player. For additional information about the event, please visit

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