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Tachyon Announces GunCam™ Picatinny Rail Mount

October 25, 2010

Designed for filming action in extreme conditions, Tachyon XC helmet cameras are easy-to-use and come with multiple mounting systems that can connect the cameras to goggles, helmets, sporting equipment, dashboards and more, accommodating all adventure enthusiasts.

Tachyon’s latest Picatinny Rail Mounts, priced at only $27.99, will allow anyone with the new Tachyon XC HD or the Tachyon XC Micro to easily and securely mount their helmet camera to a Picatinny rail, which is now common on firearms. And along with real firearms, these mounts will work just as well with airsoft or paintball guns that are equipped with Picatinny rails. The new Picatinny mounts are backwards compatible with all previous Tachyon XC models.

The Picatinny Rail Mount, constructed with tough zinc-alloy connections, has been successfully tested to withstand the recoil of a variety of assault rifles. The following gun models, mounted with the new Picatinny mounts, can be seen in our latest HD YouTube GunCam video: S&W MP 15-22 – 22LR, Beretta Cx4 Storm – 9mm Luger, Bushmaster AR 15 – .223, SIG SAUER SIG 556 – 5.56mm NATO, Ruger SR-556 – 5.56mm NATO, and the Springfield Armory SOCOM II – .308

Details and photos of the new Picatinny Rail Mounts in action can be found on the Tachyon XC Micro and Tachyon XC HD mounting webpages. Tachyon is also proud to announce that military and law enforcement officers who purchase a helmet camera before December 31st, 2010 will receive a free Picatinny Rail Mount. See our Military Webpage for details.

Tachyon XC Micro Picatinny Rail Mount - Ruger SR-556

“Since we are known as makers of the “tough cam”, we are always looking for ways to get our cameras into tougher situations,” said Jeff Francis, Operational Director for Tachyon, Inc. ” The business end of a high-powered firearm seemed like the perfect place to mount our camera. We trademarked the name GunCam™ to show that we are now committed to putting our cameras into the gun market. In this vein, we are excited to offer a free Picatinny mount to all police and military personal serving our country; many of them have been asking a long time for just such a gun mount.”

The new Picatinny mounts will be released simultaneously with Tachyon’s latest generation helmet camera, The 2011 Tachyon XC HD, which features HD video, extreme waterproofing, a wide-angle lens, and a remote control, all for just $179.99.

As with previous Tachyon XC models, the new HD helmet camera has more than twice the battery life of other, comparable helmet cameras and can get up to six continuous hours of recording when using a 32GB SDHC memory card. Its waterproof, tightly sealed design allows hunters to shoot HD video in rain, sleet, snow, dust and mud. But the 2011 Tachyon XC HD is more than just waterproof; the new, patented dive-lock feature allows the camera to dive to depths of up to 100 ft (30.5M) under water.

An adapter for rifles without Picatinny rails is in the works for sale later this year.  This will allow hunters and shooters the ability to attach their Picatinny Guncam to more traditional hunting rifles.

Tachyon XC HD mounted on GunCam™ Picatinny Rail Mount

About Tachyon, Inc.
Lewisville, TX based Tachyon™ Inc., is the premier innovator of durable, extreme helmet cameras. The Tachyon XC’s ease-of-use, durability, recording time and quality, and integrated waterproofing design make Tachyon the trusted and go-to helmet camera source for people who engage in a wide-range of extreme activities.

Tachyon XC helmet cams have found success due to their innovative design and features. With loss of video due to battery disconnection being the No. 1 helmet camera complaint, Tachyon developed and patented a shockproof battery system that keeps the camera’s batteries locked and secure, so video can survive the shocks of the most adverse situations. Tachyon, Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

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