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Tachyon GunCam Offers New Software for Sport Shooters!

For all Sport Shooters:

We have finalized a new camera software that automatically stops recording after two minutes.
This ensures that you won’t let the camera run on and on after you have finished recording your stages.
(We are assuming that you don’t take more than two minutes to finish a stage!)

If you wish to make use of this update, please contact us for the software and instructions at: (Subject: sport shooting software)

Tachyon GunCam, Sport Shooting

Sport Shooting Screenshot

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Tachyon Offers New Software for 64GB Memory Cards

Tachyon now has a software upgrade for all of our 1080p cameras (OPS HD, BikerCam, GunCam) that allows you to use 64 GB micro memory cards.

Please send mail to if you want us to send this upgrade to you. Give us your name, date of purchase, and type of software desired*, and we will get it to you ASAP.

* Software Options:

  • No looping, No Time Stamp, Beep (Default)
  • Looping, No Time Stamp, Beep (BikerCam)
  • Looping, Time Stamp, Beep (Police)
  • No looping, No Time Stamp (Hunting) [No Beep on Request]
  • Looping, No Time Stamp, No Beep
  • Looping, Time Stamp, No Beep
Remember that you must format your card correctly before use in Tachyon Cameras. For 64GB Cards, use the default format settings. For 32GB Cards or smaller, choose FAT32 File System and 32 kilobytes Allocation unit size. 
Your card may not show the correct capacity until after formatting.

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Photos from the 2014 World Shooting Championships in Florida

Tachyon was at the two big Florida shooting competitions of 2014 and we’ve got a lot of pictures of our friends – the World’s Top Shooters – using our Tachyon GunCam to record the competition.

Eric Grauffel, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Eric Grauffel ~ France

Miroslav Zapletal, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Miroslav Zapletal ~ Czech Republic

Nils Jonasson, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Nils Jonasson ~ USA

Jaime Saldanha Jr., Tachyon Gun Cam, World Shoot

Jaime Saldanha Jr. ~ Brazil

Daniel Minaglia , Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Daniel Minaglia ~ Argentine

Emile Obriot, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Emile Obriot ~ France

JJ Racaza, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

JJ Racaza ~ USA (Left)

Roberto Vezzoli, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Roberto Vezzoli ~ Italy

Maria Gushchina, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Maria Gushchina ~ Russia

Lars-Toni Skoog, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Lars-Toni Skoog ~ Sweden

Ljubisa Momcilovic, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Ljubisa Momcilovic ~ Serbia

Rasmus Gyllenberg, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Rasmus Gyllenberg ~ Sweden

Athena Lee, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Athena Lee ~ USA

Gregory Midgley, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Gregory Midgley ~ Switzerland

Ricardo Lopez, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Ricardo Lopez ~ Ecuador

Gorka Ibañez, Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Gorka Ibañez ~ Spain

Tachyon GunCam, World Shoot

Montage of Shooters wearing the Tachyon GunCam

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