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Tachyon and TheMagCam

Tachyon Inc. is a Texas-based corporation and BBB-accredited business with an A+ ranking. We have been working with EMAN Security Inc., trying to raise capital to develop and market the product known as MagCam or TheMagCam. EMAN’s websites are: and and

After doing additional due diligence on EMAN Security Inc., its principal owner, Arthur Joseph Emanuele, III or A. J. Emanuele, the potential product, and its intellectual property, we find that it is in the interest of Tachyon Inc. to terminate the agreement. Tachyon Inc. shall not be responsible for anything concerning TheMagCam.

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New Sport Shooting Software for Tachyon GunCam

Updated Software for better control of your Video Recordings during Shooting Matches.

Tachyon’s GunCam for Sport Shooting now comes with software that allows you to switch easily between automatic stopping of your recordings and manual stopping.

Automatic will shut off your recording after two minutes, making it perfect for short pistol stages in USPSA, IDPA, and IPSC matches. This eliminates the problem of forgetting to stop your recording on one stage, which not only wastes memory and drains your battery, but causes you to stop the camera when you think you are turning it on to record the next stage.

For longer recording sessions, such as 3Gun, or for every-day camera usage, you can set the camera to Manual shutoff. This will allow you to record as long as you like and then shut off by yourself.

You can change your modes at the 1080p – 720p switch on the back of your camera. The 1080p position will give you Automatic, and the 720p position will give you Manual. But please note that both modes will record in Full-HD 1080p.

Happy Shooting!



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