GunCam for Clays & Hunting New Software

GunCam for Clays & Hunting announces new software to greatly enhance your shooting videos.

GunCam for Clays & Hunting now offers two new enhancements for your shooting videos:
For your free update, please contact with the subject: GunCam for Clays Software Update.

New Crosshairs:
These new crosshairs improve the visibility against the variety of backgrounds most commonly encountered when shooting.

New Cross Sky

The crosshairs stand out well against the bright sky, helping students to know how well they are leading their targets.

New Cross Woods

The darker and more difficult background of sporting clays is also no problem with the new two-color crosshairs.

New Auto-Shutoff Feature
With our new auto-shutoff feature, you will never have to worry if you have accidentally turned off your camera when you thought that you were turning it on. Now you just turn it on before you begin shooting your station and it will automatically shut off 30 seconds later.

Because you have better things to think about than what your camera is doing.

There is no need to snap your gun closed or open with the correct force or to move it with the correct speed and acceleration.

Another bonus is that your file sizes will all be of consistent size and length, making it very easy to search out every station for later viewing and critique.

If you prefer to shut off your camera manually, we still support that option, It is all controlled by a single switch.

Crosshair Alignment
As before, there is no need for users to manually adjust the crosshairs. When you mount your camera to your gun, the mechanical design of the camera will automatically align it correctly.

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