Tachyon GunCam to Introduce New 2018 GunCam for Clays & Hunting at the 2018 NSCA US Open

ClayCam-Logo US Open 2018 NSCA

2018 NSCA US Open
$100,000 Cash and Prizes. 7800 W. Old Ajo Highway, Tucson, AZ

From April 8-15 at Coyote Springs in Tucson, AZ, Tachyon GunCam is a proud sponsor and will be unveiling our Brand-New 2018 GunCam for Clays & Hunting.

Be sure to stop by the Vendor Mall to visit us and take a look at and pick up our Gun Camera or pre-order our New 2018 GunCam model. It is designed specifically for clay shooters, with many great new features for 2018.

Brand New Features:

Video Options:
     • QHD-30 frames per second (Quatro HD = 4 times the resolution of HD)
     • FHD-6O frames per second (high frame rate better shows your shot string)
• Special Tighter Lens & Adjustable Mount Designed for Shotgun Sports & Hunting
• Playback on Mac, PC, iOS & Android Phones and Tablets
• Wi-Fi Stream Recording & Playback 
• One-Tap Pause & Resume Recording
• Includes Adjustable Mounting for 12, 20, 28 Gauge or .410 Bore Shotguns
• 3 Hrs. Recording on Internal Battery or 12 Hours + with Optional 128GB Card & Power Bank
• Shock & Weather Resistant. Reliable & Rugged

• User-Friendly, One-Button Operation

Shooting coaches will be especially impressed with our new Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow them to view their students’ shooting on phones or tablets with a live feed directly from the barrel of their students’ guns.  And they’ll have their lessons reinforced when they play back the video so their students can see very clear evidence of what was done wrong and what was done right.

Phone and TabletStream and Playback on Mac, PC, iOS & Android Phones and Tablets.

“GunCam’s field of target reference, excellent visual definition, and long recording time is an outstanding training tool that I use and highly recommend as a shotgun coach and competitor.
During practice and before tournaments, reviewing footage of properly executed shots helps greatly to reinforce a positive sight picture in one’s memory, thus leading to successful scores.”
Head Coach, University of Maryland Shotgun Sports Team
USA Shooting, NRA National Coach Development Staff
USA Shooting, NRA Advanced Shotgun Coach Level 3
NSCA Certified Instructor




The GunCam will capture video for all of your shooting, both in practice or in competition. There is no better tool for improving your scores than seeing your shots recorded straight from the barrel of your gun.

The current GunCam can be purchased at the Vendor Mall at the event, and also at our website and Amazon for just $229.99. We ship internationally!

 Included in the Box Clays Cam

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