Tachyon Inc., Introduces the 2020 GunCam for Clays & Hunting, with New App for iOS & Android Devices

Houston, TX – September 16, 2019
Tachyon Inc., a BBB A+ Accredited business, and proud sponsor of the World Skeet Championships and the National Sporting Clays Championship since 2016, introduces the 2020 GunCam for Clays & Hunting along with a new App for iOS and Android devices. One of the best shotgun cameras, but due to our big volume in the Law Enforcement and Practical Shooting market, only half the price of another brand.

Tachyon GunCam for Clays & Hunting

A new Tachyon App that allows shooters to connect their devices, via the camera’s wifi, allows users to select zoom levels, reticle style, and to calibrate reticle position. They can live-stream, record, and immediately play back their video files while in the field.

Tachyon GunCam for Clays & Hunting

Users will have a choice of four reticle styles, or no reticle. They may choose the one that best suits their need or the one that is most visible in their shooting environment. The chosen reticles may then be easily calibrated with cursors on the user’s mobile device to zero-in the gun’s point of aim.

GunCam® is plug-and-Play to Macs and PC’s. For best results use the VLC Media Player for pausing, playback in slow motion, and zooming. Users can play back on their big screen TVs through an HDMI cable.

Tachyon GunCam for Clays & Hunting

GunCam® users will also be able to choose from between the already very tight-view lens and three other levels of digital zoom for the most distant shots.

• Playback speed inside the App’s video player can be slowed to 10%, 20%, or 30%, which are the ideal settings for checking and adjusting your shooting while in the field.

Tachyon GunCam for Clays & Hunting

• While recording without the Wi-Fi connection, users may tap the power button to pause recording, and tap again to start recording again. This saves shooters not only battery power, but many minutes of wasted video that they would have to sort through to find their shots. With the GunCam there is no need to close the gun hard to start recording.

GunCam® may use up to 256GB memory cards for saving up to 24 hours of video. (Memory cards are sold separately). The built-in Lithium rechargeable battery will give a solid 2.5 hours of recording on a full charge. It can also be continuously charged from a power bank, enabling a full day of recording hunting video.

GunCam® records in 1080p at 60 frames per second for the smoothest video playback, or in Quad HD at 30 frames per second. The sound quality is always top notch.
• Included with the camera are four pairs of mounting pads designed for 12, 20 and 28 gauge O/U (over and under), semi or pump shotguns.

GunCam® can be purchased at our website, www.tachoninc.com or directly at our Clays Page for world-wide delivery.

•  For the free App, search for “Tachyon” in App stores and look for our logo.

Contact: John Chase. jc@tachyoninc.com. 972-353-0888

Look for us on Facebook , YouTube and GunCam.com as well.

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