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Tachyon Has Hunters In The Crosshairs This Fall With The OPS HD GunCam Bundle.

Dallas, TX – Tachyon, Inc. is reminding hunters to be prepared this hunting season with the Tachyon OPS HD GunCam Bundle. This package includes everything a hunter needs to make this year a memorable one, even if that “big one” gets away. Hunters can mount this lightweight, HD camera to their rifle, shotgun, scope, and even the bill of a cap.  And with the silent operation, there is no danger of spooking any prey.

The GunCam, which retails for $199.99, includes all of the accessories needed to mount the gun camera to almost any gun. The camera itself weighs only 1.2 ounces and gets over four hours of recording on one charge of the internal, rechargeable battery. It records in clear HD and has a 125 degree field of vision. The camera has an easy-to-use, one-button operation, and a high-dynamic senor for extraordinary light sensitivity. With the included Rainproof cover, rain or snow are not an issue.

The package comes with a variety of different mounting options. These include the Rifle Rail, Scope Rail, Shotgun Barrel Mount, and Shotgun Magazine Rail. There is also the Picatinny Rail Mount for mounting to anything with a Picatinny, or Weaver Rail, including pistols, handguns, and automatic rifles.

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The Tachyon GunCam Bundle

Also included are the basic mounts for mounting on a contour surface, a tripod attachment, and the clip mount. The clip mount can easily be clipped onto a bill of a cap for easy access, which works perfectly for bow hunting.  No matter what the situation calls for, the Tachyon GunCam Bundle has a solution.

Tachyon, Inc. also has the OPS HD Night Vision camera. This camera is able to record in the dark with the use of an 850nm or 940nm infrared light. The OPS HD NV is perfect for filming from a deer stand. Just mount an infrared flood light and the camera will capture everything in the dark up to 30 feet away. Most IR lights can be powered by a 12V source, including a car battery.

infrared video, night hunting, night vision,

The Tachyon OPS HD and NV have the option of loading different firmware. These include silent mode, memory looping mode, and having the time and date stamped on the video. You can see more about the firmware options here . The cameras also have the option of recording time lapse photos, taking one photo every two seconds.

This hunting season don’t just come back with the tall tales about the buck that got away, come back with video proof. The camera can also be used for many other activities year round including biking, skiing, flying and much, much more. Order one today here.

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Try a Tachyon Tactical Camera Free for 30 Days

June 27, 2012

tachyon  police cam, motorcycle camera

The Tachyon OPS HD mounted to the motorcycle cop’s helmet

Whether attached to an officers cap, mounted on the dashboard of a cruiser, or on a tactical unit’s helmets or guns, Tachyon hopes officers will be able to see the versatility and durability of these lightweight, tough, little cameras. Please follow the link below and check out the products and accessories. Just select the items the department would like to evaluate and Tachyon will ship them to try out for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days, the department can decide to return them or purchase them.

Police departments, fire & rescue, paramedics and other governmental departments today face many hurdles while trying to protect and serve the citizens. Lack of manpower, lack of funds, and lack or equipment are just a few. The Tachyon, Inc. line of cameras can solve some of those issues. Tachyon, Inc. manufactures efficient, cost-effective tactical cameras built with the needs and budgets of the law enforcement community in mind. Some local and national police departments have already begun using them.

tachyon ops hd, SWAT video, tactical camera, infrared, night vision

Tachyon OPS HD Night Vision Infrared Camera in Action

The Tachyon OPS HD and OPS HD Night Vision tactical cameras are just what every department needs. A tough, compact, and cost-effective camera that will record in quality HD video with crystal-clear audio. The current date and time is stamped on every video and photo for documentation. The OPS HD gets over 4 hours of recording time on a single charge of its rechargeable battery, and can easily be charged from any laptop or computer. There is also the option of using the OPS HD Charge n’ Record charger, along with a 12V source, to get unlimited power and recording time. This is an excellent choice when using the camera as a dash-cam or motorcycle-cam.

tachyon, SWAT, helmet camera, tactical cam

Tactical team ready to drop off their van and rush the target.


The Tachyon OPS HD and OPS HD Night Vision with standard and several optional accessories. See website for details.

With a weight of only 1.2 oz, the camera is hardly noticeable and doesn’t get in the way of the officers job. And with the patented 8 direction mounting system, the mounting options are virtually unlimited. The Tachyon cameras have a one-button power on and off system, that allows for easy operation even while wearing heavy gloves and gear. Whether taking video or time-lapse photos, the camera picks up all the action with the 125 degree field of vision and with little fish-eye effect. All files are saved on the removable memory card and can easily be transferred to a hard drive for storage.

The Tachyon OPS HD mounted as a Dash Cam, with 12V Charge n’ Record charger, looping video, time and date stamp.

Included in the box with the cameras are a Rainproof Cover, a Contour mount, for mounting on a helmet, shield, or dashboard, a Tripod Mount for attaching to a ¼ 20 inch tripod screw, a Clip Mount for clipping the camera to just about anything, including caps and vests. Optional accessories include the Quick-Release Handlebar Mount, which can be easily mounted on a motorcycle or bicycle, the Picatinny Rail Mount, for mounting the camera to any piece of equipment with a Picatinny Rail, and the 12V or 110-240V Charge n’ Record Charger, which enables the camera to get continuous power for loop recording. Tachyon also offers the Tachyon GunCamTM mounts for mounting the cameras to rifles, shotguns, handguns, and scopes. For the OPS HD Night Vision, Tachyon makes the invisible, 940nm, Infrared Light. The Tachyon IR light can be mounted to a helmet, clipped to a cap, or attached to a Picatinny Rail, just like the cameras.

Please visit Tachyon, Inc. at the following link.

tachyon ops hd dash cam, police, tactical, first responder

Tachyon OPS HD Dash Cam for police and first responders, with dime and date stamp and looped video technology.

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Tachyon Announces Father’s Day Special For BikerCam Systems & GunCam Bundles

Tachyon, Inc. will include a free 16GB Transcend memory card with the purchase of either the BikerCam system or the HD GunCam bundle. This will allow for up to four hours of recording. When placing the order, just type “Father’s Day Gift” into the remarks section.

Offer Valid until June 13, 2012

Father’s Day is near and some of us are still looking for that perfect gift for a dad, brother, uncle or son, who seems to have everything. Tachyon, Inc. is offering a special deal for them, or just about anybody who loves outdoor activities. The Tachyon OPS HD helmet cameras includes models such as the BikerCam and the GunCam. A gift that will provide hours of fun while creating memories that will last forever.

The Tachyon OPS HD, Biker Cam, and Gun Cam cameras are just what every man needs. A tough, compact, affordable camera that will record in HD quality. Whether mounted to a cap, rifle, or used as a dash cam, these cameras will get over 4 hours recording time. There is also the option of using a 12V source to get unlimited power and recording time, with the OPS HD Charge n’ Record charger.

The BikerCam System, which is $189.99, includes everything from the OPS HD box, plus the Tachyon Quick-Release Handlebar Mount,12V Charge n’ Record charger, and Rainproof Cover.

With this bundle, a person can mount the camera to their motorcycle handlebars and record every mile of every journey. And with the endless loop recording and 12V Charge n’ Record Charger plugged into a 12V source, one could virtually record for days.

The camera can also be uploaded with a firmware upgrade that will apply the date and time stamp right on the video, just like the police use.

The HD GunCam Bundle, which is $199.99, includes everything from the OPS HD box, plus mounts for mounting to handguns, shotguns, rifles and caps for bow hunting.

With this bundle, a person can get 4 hours of footage on a single charge. That is plenty of time to record that one hit or miss every hunter likes to brag about.

The cameras use an internal, rechargeable battery, that can be easily recharged from any computer using the included USB charging cable. The bike cams have a one-button power on and off system, that allows for easy operation, even while wearing heavy gloves and gear.

Whether taking video or time-lapse photos, the camera picks up all the action with the 125 degree field of vision, with little fish-eye effect. All files are saved on the optional memory card and can easily be transferred to a hard drive.

With a weight of 1.2 oz, the camera is hardly noticeable. And with the patented 8 direction mounting system, the mounting options are virtually unlimited. Included in the box are a Contour mount, for mounting on a helmet, shield, or dashboard, a Tripod Mount for attaching to a ¼ 20 inch tripod screw, and a Clip Mount for clipping the camera to just about anything, including caps and vests.

Whether this gift is for a biker, a gun enthusiast, or just an adrenaline addict, Tachyon, Inc. offers the perfect gift for every man.

This promotion is good for orders placed until June 13th, 2012.

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Tachyon Introduces New Motorcycle Camera – The Tachyon BikerCam

05-March-2012 –Tachyon’s new BikerCam delivers exceptional audio and video quality and utilizes a wide-angle lens which captures a wide swath of the rider’s surroundings. While plugged into your bike’s electric system, it makes use of its infinite recording-loop technology, allowing for over 8 hours of recording on a 32GB micro memory card (sold separately). Once the card is full, the camera will recycle the earliest files while continuing to record and charge, making it the road warrior’s must-have accessory on long road trips.

The Quick-Release Handlebar Mount is designed to remain securely attached to the bike while the camera can very easily be removed from the mount when the rider is away from the bike.  While away, the fully-charged camera will be able to record for over four hours.

The BikerCam is also capable of taking time-lapse photos. One photo will be taken every two seconds. Each photo is time and date stamped, which is extremely useful for recording your events.

Included with each BikerCam is the new 12V Charge n’ Record Charger which is compatible with a 12V outlet, or any vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Optional accessories include a charger for 110V–240V outlets, allowing for continuous recording at the home or office, and making the multifaceted BikerCam appealing as a security system as well.

The camera is equipped with a built-in lithium rechargeable battery making it shock proof and resistant to cold weather.

Standard mounts included in the BikerCam camera package are the Contour Mount, for curved surfaces such as helmets and fenders, a standard Tripod Mount compatible with any ¼-20 inch universal tripod screw, and a rotating Clip Mount for caps, collars, or straps. Also included is the Rainproof Cover which will protect it from almost any degree of rain and dust, without hindering mounting or charging of the camera. Gun owners may also want to check out our Picatinny Rail Mount and GunCam™ accessories.

The BikerCam when mounted to your car’s dashboard or rear-view mirror makes an excellent Dash Cam for recording your driving (or your children’t driving).

The BikerCam System (the complete BikerCam HD camera package, 12V Charge n’ Record Charger, Rainproof Cover and Quick-Release Handlebar Mount) can be purchased for only $189.99.

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World’s Most Affordable Dive Cam Goes HD

(May 11, 2011) Tachyon®, Inc. – The little underwater camera that challenged the video quality of the high-dollar professional market, has released an HD version of their Tachyon Micro DiveCam. This new camera takes the Micro’s already crystal-clear video and sharpens it up to a dazzling HD 720p.

The most common problem with dive cameras is the water pressure turning the camera off.  Tachyon has solved that problem with their patented dive-lock feature. The dive-lock is a switch located inside the camera and, when locked, camera’s software disengages the ON/OFF button, preventing water pressure from prematurely shutting the camera off.

The Micro HD’s 135° wide-angle lens and high-dynamic light sensor helps you to catch more of your underwater adventure than ever before. Using the recommended Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, users get over two and half hours of hands-free, underwater footage to depths of over 100 ft (4ATM).

tachyon micro, dive cam

The Tachyon Micro Dive Cam in Action

Tachyon Micro users include scuba divers, free divers, professional fire and rescue dive teams and the US Navy, who use it for training drills.

Tachyon Micro cameras are currently being used by Elevated Scuba to explore the depths of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States. Tachyon has officially tested the Micro at depths of 100 feet, but as you can see in the above video, the scuba team is taking it down past 168 feet.

The Micro and Micro HD weigh in at only 4 ounces and can easily be mounted to a diving mask with the included goggle strap mount. The Tachyon Micro and Micro HD are waterproof as is, and do not require an additional bulky, waterproof case. The Micros need no DVR or software; they record onto a Micro SDHC card (up to 32GB) and are plug-and-play with both PC and Mac®.

Not only are the Micro and Micro HD perfect for diving and underwater activities, but they are perfect for all kinds of sports. They’ve been used for skiing, snowboarding, offroading, hunting, skateboarding, and even flying. They really are the ultimate all around multi-use cameras.

And for the Paintball and Airsoft communities, Tachyon offers an optional Picatinny Rail Mount for that amazing, first-person view.

Harpoon Fishing with the Micro

Be sure to pre-order the Tachyon Micro or Micro HD camera today.

About Tachyon®, Inc:

Lewisville, TX based Tachyon® Inc., is the premier innovator of durable, extreme helmet cameras. The Tachyon XC Micro HD’s ease-of-use, durability, recording time, image quality, and integrated waterproofing design make Tachyon the trusted and go-to helmet camera for people who engage in a wide-range of extreme activities.

Tachyon®, Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

®Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Tachyon Releases World’s Smallest and Lightest SD and HD Helmet Cameras

Tachyon, Inc., known as the maker of the world’s toughest helmet cameras, is unveiling a brand new line of the world’s smallest and lightest helmet cameras. Tachyon’s latest product, the Tachyon OPS and OPS HD, will be available this summer. The Tachyon OPS line was designed from the ground up, with the desire to create the best helmet cameras in mind.

Tachyon OPS

The Tachyon OPS clipped onto the bill of a cap

The OPS weighs in at only one ounce and measures just .95 inches in width and height and is 2.252 inches long. The OPS HD is only slightly larger. The OPS cameras also boast of a patented 8-way mounting system that gives the user an unparalleled range of mounting positions. The camera can face forward or backward towards the user, and can also rotate inside it’s mounts from the 12 to the 9 to the 6 to the 3 o’clock positions. This lets the user position the camera correctly, so that they can film from any direction.

The camera couldn’t be easier to use. It is ready to go right out of the box and has a simple, one-button operation. The cameras are also plug-and-play with a PC or a Mac.

The OPS line comes equipped with three standard mounts: A clip mount, with multiple angles of rotation. This mount is perfect for caps and straps and collars. A contour mount, for mounting to curved surfaces, such as motorcycle or bicycle helmets. And a standard tripod mount that will attach to any ¼-20 inch universal tripod screw.

For more extreme activities, such as paintball and airsoft, and riding around dust and gravel, the OPS comes with a extremely durable piece of clear plastic impact armor, that fits snugly over the camera and mounts.

Additional GunCam mounts are targeted at hunters and other fans of gun sports. These include a patented 8-direction Picatinny rail mount, three different shotgun and scope rails, and a rifle rail. The zinc-alloy Picatinny rail mount and rails allow for the secure mounting of the OPS to handguns, rifles, shotguns and assault rifles, without any modifications being done to the gun.

Tachyon OPS and OPS HD compared in size

Tachyon OPS and OPS HD compared in size to quarters.

The OPS cameras record around two hours of video onto an 8GB Micro SD card. They have a built-in Li-Ion rechargeable battery that is perfect for filming in extreme temperatures. They feature a high-dynamic light sensor with superior light gathering ability that makes them ideal for low-light situations and indoor filming.

“We design our products with the specific needs of our customers in mind,” said John Chase, Sales Director for Tachyon, Inc. “The cameras are virtually weightless and the 8 directional mount is groundbreaking. The GunCam accessories are a hunter’s dream come true.”

To go along with the small size and light weight, the OPS prices are small and light as well. The standard OPS package is $99.99 and the HD package is $149.99. Any aspiring action film makers can now easily and affordably record and share their videos. The OPS cameras will be available this summer. For more information, or to pre-order from the first batch, visit .

Be sure to sign into Facebook to enter a sweepstake to win a OPS camera. We will be giving one away each month until December.  Our Facebook page can be found here.

About Tachyon, Inc.
Lewisville, TX based Tachyon® Inc., is the premier innovator of durable, extreme helmet cameras. The Tachyon camera’s ease-of-use, durability, recording time and quality, make Tachyon the trusted and go-to helmet camera source for people who engage in a wide-range of extreme activities.

GunCam is a registered trademark of Tachyon, Inc.

Tachyon, Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

For additional information, please visit

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Tachyon XC @ Oklahoma D-Day 2010 – Omaha Beach Scenario

Tachyon XC Helmet Cams in the middle of the intense action at the world’s largest paintball event; Oklahoma D-Day 2010 . This video focuses on the Omaha Beach Scenario, which had American forces landing on the beach and attempting to rush up the cliff to rout the entrenched German forces.  Well, this worked…in 1944.  But in 2010, the Germans held their ground.

The prototype Tachyon XC HD camera was used for the main filming, and Tachyon XC Micro and XC cameras, mounted on masks and helmets, were used to film the video that you can see in the smaller windows.

Tachyon would like to thank the organizers of D-Day 2010, as well as the thousands of players who made it such a successful event.

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