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Now Shipping the 2010 Tachyon XC!

The 2010 Tachyon XC is in stock and now shipping world wide!

Click here to Order!

Click here to Order!

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Tachyon XC Free Shipping Worldwide!!!

We at Tachyon, Inc. are proud to announce a free shipping benefit for you our customers until April 30th and until April 10th we will even give you a free pack of 3M Dual Lock Fasteners ( 7.99$ value). Yes, you heard it right, “FREE SHIPPING”. For the month of April we will be offering every customer free USPS priority mail shipping. We at Tachyon, Inc. understand the hard financial situations that are plaguing everyday life and we want to be as generous as we can during these times. The free shipping is not just offered nationally here in the US, it is also offered internationally to all of our customers. The Tachyon XC has been shipped to over 120 countries across the globe, we have our user manual available in 17 languages, there 13 pages of Tachyon XC videos from many different countries, we are a global company with a global mind-set. We know that you like to have fun, we know that you want to record your adventures (because we do as well). So take advantage of “Free Shipping” and get your Tachyon XC today, that way you can show us your videos tomorrow!banner-march25

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Tachyon XC trailer #3-Introducing the new goggle side mount…

Alright everyone the new goggle side mount is on its way.  It is in production as we speak and we are looking forward to this new revolutionary mount to be ready by March.  The mount was inspired by the high number of phone calls, emails and discussions with numerous military personnel, fire fighters, snowboard/skiers/snow sled riders and the list goes on.  So we went straight into designing and testing the new mount.  I personally took the mount to Colorado to hit the slopes with the first mock ups and was extremely pleased to say the least, as were my buddies (one whom is a former pro-snowboarder and surfer) and every resort employee and rider we ran into on the mountain!  If you scroll down you can watch that first test in the video titled SnowDaze.

I have just completed the second wave of testing in the new Tachyon XC trailer.  I sent a few cameras and side mounts with some friends to Park City, Utah where they filmed some incredible footage.  You will notice in the video 2 different points of view. The boot cam and the side mount.  The new goggle side mount was used in both situations.  There are two mounting options for the new mount.  You can either slide your goggle strap through the mount (the mound is shaped and rounded to fit comfortably against your head or helmet) where is rests against your head, or Velcro the mount directly to your helmet.  (With Industrial strength Velcro it will hold very securely).  The boot cam is used by wrapping a strap of some kind around your leg at the top of your snow boot so that the camera points to the front of your board or ski.  I absolutely loved the boot cam results, you really get the feel of riding  and of course you have the ability on your own to adjust the angle of view.


The new goggle side mount will be part of the Tachyon XC package when production is complete.  For all of our existing customers who have purchased the Tachyon XC helmet cam from our website will automatically receive the mount free by mail when production is complete.  Tachyon XC will also be creating a new XC package designed especially designed for Military, Fire, security and law enforcement personnel.   Again, we want to thank all of the insight from the military and fire personnel as well as our existing customers.

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Bringing in the New Year Tachyon XC style!

We hope that you all had an amazing holiday break, whether you were enjoying winter or summer.  We at Tachyon are excited about what 2009 will hold and are looking forward to see everyone’s Tachyon XC shot videos as well as continuing to go out and film our own.  We not only created and make the camera but we also are active in using the cam ourselves!  Here are a few new user videos used in different activities.  Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite vids so far, absolutely phenomenal first person footage from the paddle to walking the board..I love it…

This user put together a great off road trail riding video on his polaris in CA, great footage and good tunes.

A great example of the many uses of the XC, attached to a RC Buggy…the XC can go anywhere…

We are currently working on a new trailer featuring our new side mount for goggles that will be available to XC users soon, keep your eyes and ears open!

Happy New Year!

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