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Tachyon GunCam: University of Maryland Shotgun Sports Team Takes Trophy

ACUI Trophy Female Sporting Clays Invitational

Tachyon GunCam offers its congratulations to the University of Maryland Shotgun Sports Team for its success at the just completed ACUI Collegiate Clay Target Championships. They took 1st Place for Females in the Sporting Clays Invitational.

This team is the very first to use our GunCam for Clays in their training.

GunCam for Clays works closely with their head coach, Anne Mauro, who says that it is an essential tool to reinforce her instructions. Nothing beats seeing clear video of what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right.

“GunCam’s field of target reference, excellent visual definition, and long recording time is an outstanding training tool that I use and highly recommend as a shotgun coach and competitor.

After practice and before a tournament, reviewing footage of properly executed shots helps greatly to reinforce a positive sight picture in one’s memory, thus leading to successful scores.”

Coaches and shooters from other teams stopped by our booth and showed great interest in the GunCam for Clays. We are sure that the cameras they are taking back with them will have an impact on their training and their future successes.

Tachyon GunCam for Clays mounts easily and securely beneath the barrel of your gun. It is light, but rugged, and invisible from the shooter’s point of view.

Our software imposes crosshairs in the center of the Full-HD 1080p video, showing you where your gun is pointed. We mechanically designed the camera’s casing so that when mounted it will consistently point to the same spot, ensuring that videos of your shooting will be will be an accurate learning tool.

Note that the GunCam for Clays will not have the same perfection of accuracy that is required with a sniper rifle and scope, but it will be accurate enough for shotgun work and be consistent.

Included in the Box Clays CamACUI Banner only


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