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Team Tachyon XC – Pro Rider – Rich Derousse

09-32-1640We want to introduce to you one of our Team Tachyon XC Riders, Rich Derousse out of Germany. Rich has raced everything from 125cc GP racers to full blown 1000cc unlimited machines. He’s also had the opportunity to race this variety of machinery in multiple countries to include the US, Japan, and the European Union!
Rich’s goal is to eventually become a “true” international rider by obtaining an FIM International A license. He was very close to achieving this goal in Japan, but work forced him to leave before he was able to collect the necessary standings in the MFJ.


What inspires you to compete?
By nature I am a pretty passive guy. My day job is programming computers so not much excitement there. In order to make up for the lack of excitement in my job, I race. So that and the fact that I like to let others talk major smack in the pits and away from the track… just to make it all the more sweeter when I tuck it inside them going into a corner or just blasting past them on the exits. ; )

Describe your style…
I’d have to say my style is much like the Japanese martial arts or kata. Makes sense, I suppose, since I spent 5yrs training with Japan’s fastest riders while I lived there. They like to look at things like the martial arts. Every part of your body is connected to another. If one part moves, it moves or affects the other parts. They think the same thing applies when riding a motorcycle. The motorcycle becomes an extension of your body and all movements must flow and work together in a balanced fashion; which most often results in smooth and controlled riding styles. The only draw back is I never look as cool as those guys “backing it in” or getting “loose” in the corners.

How’s Life Treating You?
I’d have to say that life is treating me VERY well. Aside from those world-class riders, I don’t think there are many others who can say they’ve had the opportunity to race at most of the world’s most famous circuits.

To Follow Rich closely check out his Loopd Profile HERE or visit the RocketJockey racing website HERE

Riches Race Schedual 2009:  Czech Republic-July 03-05, Hungary Aug-07-09, Germany Aug 31-Sept 01, Italy Oct 16-18, and Spain Nov 13-15.

And make sure to check us out at www.tachyoninc.com



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