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Free Shipping- 4 Days Left

xc girlDon’t forget you only have 4 days left to order your Tachyon XC with Free Shipping.  This promotion is for national and international orders.  So you still have time to buy an XC for your August Vacation, remember the XC is shockproof, waterproof and foolproof. (ORDER HERE) Take it wherever you go, for all of your outdoor and underwater activities!  Here are a few great pictures from users all over the world.  To watch XC videos in action visit TACHYON, INC. or YOUTUBE.



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Free Shipping










This just in…….Tachyon, Inc. is offering free shipping again for the whole world, planet, and universe.  Man, we love our customers!  Why free shipping you ask?  Because we absolutely love watching all of your videos on YouTube! Seriously, every morning that we come into the office we sit down and go nuts over the videos that you post. We want to see more! A lot more! So, hey world….FREE SHIPPING! Get your XC and show us what you can do! ORDER HERE
Here are some ideas!

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Tachyon XC Free Shipping Worldwide!!!

We at Tachyon, Inc. are proud to announce a free shipping benefit for you our customers until April 30th and until April 10th we will even give you a free pack of 3M Dual Lock Fasteners ( 7.99$ value). Yes, you heard it right, “FREE SHIPPING”. For the month of April we will be offering every customer free USPS priority mail shipping. We at Tachyon, Inc. understand the hard financial situations that are plaguing everyday life and we want to be as generous as we can during these times. The free shipping is not just offered nationally here in the US, it is also offered internationally to all of our customers. The Tachyon XC has been shipped to over 120 countries across the globe, we have our user manual available in 17 languages, there 13 pages of Tachyon XC videos from many different countries, we are a global company with a global mind-set. We know that you like to have fun, we know that you want to record your adventures (because we do as well). So take advantage of “Free Shipping” and get your Tachyon XC today, that way you can show us your videos tomorrow!banner-march25

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