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3D Karting Video- 2010 Tachyon XC 3D

Here is the Karting footage edited in 3D, the 2D footage below is from the same shoot, same footage.  That is the great thing about the 3D package, since the 3D setup requires two separate cameras, you can use one cameras footage for a 2D video.  Go in with a friend and buy the 3D setup, then you each have a cam for your own activities and you can get together to film the pool sesh, the pipe, back country or track with the 3D set up.  Remember with every 2010 Tachyon XC order we will send 3D glasses for you, this way you can still watch our 3D videos, even if you don’t have the 3D setup.

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Pre-Order your 2010 Tachyon XC or 2010 Tachyon XC 3D set-up.

2010 Tachyon XC

2010 Tachyon XC

Tachyon would like to thank all of our customers around the world who have made the Tachyon XC such a great success.

Our 2009 Tachyon XC model has now completely sold out, but we are taking orders for our new 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D System, which will be shipped no later than September 16, 2009.

We are sure you will like what we have done with the new cameras and also sure that we will like what you do with them.

The 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D

The 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D

Tachyon, Inc. is also looking for international resellers of the new 2010 XC. We are always looking to help our customers in the international market find our product easily and have it delivered in the shortest amount of time possible without having to waist time and money with customs and import duty. If you are an international shop or store and would like information on how to resell the 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D set up please email    jc@tachyoninc.com

Tachyon, Inc. is also offering two great packages for the 3D setup- and remember because the 3D setup requires two Tachyon XC cams, you can split the price with a friend or family member and each have a camera.


2010 Tachyon XC, Handlebar Mount, 3M Dual Lock Fastening strips, Transcend 16GB SDHC, Rechargeable Green Power Pack, Twelve Energizer(TM) Ultimate Lithium AA batteries $349.99 ($384.94 if you bought everything separate)


Complete 2010 Tachyon XC 3D System, Handlebar Mount, 3M Dual Lock Fastening strips, Two Transcend 16GB SDHC, Twelve Energizer(TM) Ultimate Lithium AA batteries $549.99 ($624.94 if you bought everything separate)

Make sure and jump on these deals and pre-order a 2010 XC or the 3D Set!


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New York in 3D and New York in the Shadows

If you haven’t seen two of our new videos that where filmed with t he 2010 Tachyon XC and the XC 3D technology you are in for a real treat.  The 3D video has been featured on some of the largest Gadget blogs and websites in the world in last week raking in thousands of views.  You will need a pair of anaglyph 3D glasses to view the video, red lens on the right side and blue lens on the right side.  You can purchase a set of six Tachyon XC 3D glasses from our website for $4.99.  I think you are going to love this video, pay attention to figures who move close to the camera and watch the details ie; the black mini-van that pulls into the screen on the right side, the photographer in Times Square in the blue shirt, the smoking man towards the end of the video.  These images will give you a great feel of depth in 3D, its pretty incredible.  Here is the video!

This next video is also shot in New York and aptly titled “Shadow of New York” for a great reason. We purposely shot this footage at night and in areas where the lighting is very poor, in order to show you how amazing our new light sensor is! The 2010 Tachyon XC films brilliantly indoors and at night time. You will see how incredible the footage is inside St. Patricks Cathedral, Grand Central Station, Times Square at night and The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Check it out.

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We are proud to announce the release of our 2010 Tachyon XC, extremely proud!  Not only have added new features to an already incredible product, we have made the toughest helmet cam on the planet even tougher!  Plus, the new 2010 XC has 3D capabilities.  We have created the technology to allow you to make your own 3D films, the first consumer 3D camera in the world!  Here are some specs on the 2010 XC and the 3D capabilities.

(click the picture to visit website)

Read the 2010 Tachyon XC Press Release

2010 Tachyon XC Details:

High-Dynamic Sensor and 90º Wide-Angle Lens capture all the action with clarity and without distortion

Remote Controlled, Fully Digital, 30 Frames Per Second.

Patented Shock-Proof Design prevents loss of video. (the most common problem with helmet cameras)

Only Helmet Cam that can use from 4 to 32GB SDHC memory cards,giving you the longest recording times of any helmet camera.

Multiple Recording Options allow users to customize settings to suit their individual needs or activities. The new Time Lapse Mode makes the XC an ideal surveillance cam, hunting/scouting cam, and nanny cam.

Mounting Accessories IncludedSnap-on mounts connect to helmets, goggles, tripods, bikes, dashboards & many other surfaces and objects.

Waterproof to 2 Atmospheres (34’ or 10.3 meters), the XC the perfect camera for capturing the beauty of the sea – without the need for an external waterproof case.

View & Playback videos directly on your PC or TV (NTSC or PAL), using included USB and TV cables.

Camera requires 2 AA bateries. Remote Control requires 2 AAA batteries (Batteries not included)


The World’s First Affordable Digital 3D Video System

Because the World IS 3D

(click the picture to visit website)

Shoot and edit your own digital 3D videos without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars rigging your own 3D video system.

With the Tachyon XC 3D Video System, anybody can relive magical moments in true 3D. Edited 3D clips can be further combined and edited with common editing software.

Shockproof & Waterproof; take amazing action and underwater 3D video. Mount it on your helmet, dashboard, fender, boat or tripod.

Perfect for Travel Videos, the 3D System records indoor and out. Record great cities and natural wonders in all of their dimensions.

Remote Control, Time-Lapse Photos, 90 degree Wide-Angle View.

Our 3D video files are compatible with YouTube’s new 3D application that allows you to choose your favorite method for 3D viewing (although the videos on this page are set for Anaglyph viewing)

The Tachyon XC 3D System is:

2 complete Tachyon XC packages, 3D Helmet/Tripod/Table Mount, 3D Anaglyph Glasses (6 Pairs), 3D Video Editing Software

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