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Tachyon, Inc. opens its doors to International Resellers.

pop resellersLewisville, TX  June 1, 2009 -Tachyon, Inc. opens doors to International Resellers for the Tachyon XC Helmet Camera.

We at Tachyon, Inc., have created the best helmet camera in the world, and back it up with the best customer service in our industry.   Customer service, teamed with a world-class marketing strategy, has launched the Tachyon XC to the forefront of the helmet camera industry.  We have proven ourselves as a world-class brand by selling at a highly successful rate only through our website.  But along with this success, we have noticed some disadvantages that our international customers face when dealing with online purchases.  These include shipping time, customs delays, duty fees and other unforeseen issues.  Yet despite all of these hassles, a large percentage of our business comes from enthusiast’s outside of the USA.  And since Tachyon, Inc. prides itself as a company that goes to great lengths to please its customer base, we have decided to open our doors to international resellers.

This is why, at this time, Tachyon, Inc. is looking for existing retail shops or web retailers outside of the USA who are interested in reselling the Tachyon XC Helmet Camera.  www.tachyoninc.com/resellers.html

Tachyon, Inc. was established in November 2008 as a consumer electronics manufacturer in Lewisville, Texas.  In November of 2008, Tachyon Inc. released  the Tachyon XC helmet camera.  In a short span of seven months, the Tachyon XC has been sold and shipped to over 100 countries across the globe as well as building the reputation as the one of the top helmet cameras in the world.   The XC is the first Helmet Camera to use SDHC cards above 4GB, and is the only helmet camera in the world that can use up to a 32GB SDHC card.  The camera delivers up to 30 FPS of video, is shockproof and waterproof up to 28 feet, protecting the camera from adverse elements.  Its patented battery cartridge prevents the camera from shutting off in rough terrain.

Tachyon, Inc. boasts of its internationally sponsored athletes including the Subaru Rally Team Spain and other athletes from countries around the globe:  USA, Europe, Mexico, The Middle East and Japan.  Here are a few quotes from members of our Professional Team Tachyon XC:

“ I wrecked in France at 80 MPH on a wet track, the cam took a direct hit as I skid across 200 meters.  The XC functioned properly in my second race with no issues what-so-ever after the fall! ”  Rich DeRousse – Team Tachyon XC Pro Rider – Germany

“I put the Tachyon XC through a tail wind at 80 MPH and the Camera held strong the whole time with high pressure water pounding it.  ”  Brandon Kennedy – Team Tachyon XC Pro Driver – USA – (2008 Youngest Hall of Champions Inductee)

“ I’ve taken the XC through mud, dirt, and snow under difficult conditions and rough terrain.  Not once has the XC ever lost power, it truly is shockproof.”  Kyle Mullins – Team Tachyon Pro Rider- USA

John Chase
Sales Director
Tachyon, Inc.

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New videos for Team Tachyon XC

We are currently creating videos for members of  Team Tachyon XC.  Tachyon has sponsored athletes from the US, Germany, UK, Spain, Mexico and Lebanon…be ready, we will be posting video’s for each individual athlete…and don’t forget the finalists for the Tachyon XC video contest will be announced shortly so get your videos up on YouTube and make sure to follow the directions on the Tachyon homepage.  To view the contest rules click here-  Tachyon Video Contest

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Tachyon XC signs Subaru Rally Team Spain…


Tachyon, Inc.  proudly welcomes the Subaru Rally Team Spain to the Tachyon XC Motorsports team.  Team Spain joins other sponsors Kyle Mullins (motocross), Jay Saxum (motocross), Brandon Kennedy (hydrofoil), Abdo Feghali (rally), Joe Sewell (wakeboard), Joe Schwartz (mtn bike), John Dabrowski (NASCAR), and Wake Surf Mag.  Remember Tachyon, Inc. is offering “FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE” until April 30th, so take advantage.  Visit the site here: www.tachyoninc.com

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