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The World’s Best Biker Cam now Rolls in Full HD 1080p

Bikers can roll down the highway, capturing scenery, bikes, and buddies in full, wide-screen HD 1080p. The BikerCam HD 1080p is engineered for shooting forward in outdoor areas, rather than in close, enclosed areas where a fisheye lens is needed. BikerCam’s image therefore looks more natural, with distant objects not too small to see and close objects not distorted.

For continuous recording while riding, the BikerCam can connect to your bike’s power via the included 3’ USB cable and the bike’s USB or 12V socket. The package includes a 12V adaptor plug.
When connected to your bike’s power, the BikerCam will start up and start recording whenever you turn on your power. It will then stop recording and turn off when you power down your engine. When you are recording the cable will continuously charge your BikerCam, removing the need to worry about battery power.

There is also no need to worry about the space remaining on your memory card because BikerCam makes use of looping technology to overwrite you oldest files with your most recent videos. This allows you to run your camera nonstop and remove important video files only when you feel the need to preserve a recording.

An optional time & date stamp reminds you of when your video was taken.

tachyon bikercam system


  • The World’s smallest & lightest 1080p Full-HD Biker Camera
  • 1080p Full-HD Super-Sharp Video, shoots wide-screen videos without fisheye distortion.
  • Auto-Start & Stop recording at ignition and shutdown of engine.
  • Continuous charging while recording.
  • 1/3″ CMOS High-dynamic sensor & high-speed CPU. For quick light transition & low-light night riding.
  • Looped recording automatically overwrites older files.
  • 2+ hours 1080p recording on Lithium rechargeable battery. Longer recording time on 720p.
  • Rain/Dustproof cover.
  • Optional time and date stamp.
  • Patented 8-direction mounting system.

Included with the BikerCam System are the BikerCam HD 1080p camera, Quick-Release Handlebar Mount, 3 foot USB Charging Cable & 12V adapter, Rainproof Cover, Contour Mount for helmet mounting, Tripod Mount, Clip Mount, safety tether, and a strip of 3M Dual-Lock Fastener.


tachyon bikercam system

“Now I’m a pretty technical guy and can figure out how to work just about anything, however I prefer the things I use to be as simple as possible, and the TACHYON BikerCam is just that… SIMPLE.”

“Overall based on price, video quality, ease of use, and accessories included – I find the TACHYON BikerCam one of the best values on the market for a motorcycle/helmet mounted video camera.”
– CycleFish.com – The Ultimate Biker Website

bikercam tachyon CycleFish

BikerCam as a Dash Cam

Since most bikers also drive, they will be pleased to know that the BikerCam makes a terrific dash cam. As when mounted on your bike, it will start and stop recording along with the ignition and shutdown of the engine. An optional time & date stamp reminds you of exactly when your video was taken.

bikercam, dashcam, tachyon



BikerCam System can be purchased online for $229.99 from our website: tachyoninc.com, or from Amazon.

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2010 Green Power Pack for your long road tripsk

I thought you motorcycle enthusiasts, bicycle riders and anyone else who takes cross country trips in a motorized or non-motorized vehicle would love to see the new 2010 Green Power Pack (also works with 2009 Tachyon XC model, not the girl but the camera). The bigger your SD card the more you can film, if you want to record really long trips bring a few SD cards or use the new time-lapse photo option (takes one photo every 1.5 seconds).

2010 Green Power Pack
Includes: One 110/220 volt power adapter for wall socket
One 12 volt power adapter for car lighter socket
One lithium rechargeable battery*
*Battery acts as short-term power buffer (20 min) for when Power Pack is unplugged.

The new Green Power Pack for endless power on your rides!

The new Green Power Pack for endless power on your rides, back latch is opened and still connected.

The new green powerpack plugged in!

The new Green Power Pack plugged in with the back latch removed.

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Two New Videos: Rich Derousse at Magny Cours and Spear Fishing in Florida

Here are two great new Tachyon XC Videos

Rich Derousse

Here is the much anticipated video with Rich Derousse, Team Tachyon XC member in his race at Magny Cours, France.


Here is a spear fishing video from member of the Isle of Capri- Fire and Rescue Team.

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The New Tachyon XC Helmet Camera Side Mount-

The new XC helmet cam side mount is here! We are currently packing and sending the side mount to all of our existing customers. You can view pictures of the side mount in the gallery below. Everyone who purchases an XC after today January 23rd will receive the mount in the standard XC package that is featured on the Tachyon, Inc. website.  The first picture in the gallery is the letter sent out to customers with the mount as a courtesy from Tachyon, Inc.

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CycleWorld motorcycle show Houston TX

Tachyon Inc. recently attended the Cycle World Motorcycle show in Houston TX.  We had a great time checking out everyones 2009 models and product.  We hope you all enjoyed the show as well.  If you missed it, we suggest you attend one of the upcoming shows, you will not be disappointed.

Long Beach, CA Dec. 5-7, Seattle, WA Dec. 12-14, San Mateo, CA 19-21

For show dates that will be ringing in 2009 visit www.motorcycleshows.com

Here is a little video and some photos from our visit, enjoy!

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