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2010 Green Power Pack for your long road tripsk

I thought you motorcycle enthusiasts, bicycle riders and anyone else who takes cross country trips in a motorized or non-motorized vehicle would love to see the new 2010 Green Power Pack (also works with 2009 Tachyon XC model, not the girl but the camera). The bigger your SD card the more you can film, if you want to record really long trips bring a few SD cards or use the new time-lapse photo option (takes one photo every 1.5 seconds).

2010 Green Power Pack
Includes: One 110/220 volt power adapter for wall socket
One 12 volt power adapter for car lighter socket
One lithium rechargeable battery*
*Battery acts as short-term power buffer (20 min) for when Power Pack is unplugged.

The new Green Power Pack for endless power on your rides!

The new Green Power Pack for endless power on your rides, back latch is opened and still connected.

The new green powerpack plugged in!

The new Green Power Pack plugged in with the back latch removed.


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