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Bringing in the New Year Tachyon XC style!

We hope that you all had an amazing holiday break, whether you were enjoying winter or summer.  We at Tachyon are excited about what 2009 will hold and are looking forward to see everyone’s Tachyon XC shot videos as well as continuing to go out and film our own.  We not only created and make the camera but we also are active in using the cam ourselves!  Here are a few new user videos used in different activities.  Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite vids so far, absolutely phenomenal first person footage from the paddle to walking the board..I love it…

This user put together a great off road trail riding video on his polaris in CA, great footage and good tunes.

A great example of the many uses of the XC, attached to a RC Buggy…the XC can go anywhere…

We are currently working on a new trailer featuring our new side mount for goggles that will be available to XC users soon, keep your eyes and ears open!

Happy New Year!

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Surfing Video using Tachyon XC

Here is an incredible surf video taken with our camera that was posted on You Tube, a great example of the XC in water with awesome first and third person footage put to a great soundtrack! Enjoy it..cause we are-I will be in Colorado snowboarding this weekend, Echo Mtn on Friday and Loveland on Saturday filming, hope to see you on the hill.

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Keeping you updated!

Here at the Tachyon XC official blog, we are dedicated to informing you of upcoming events that we love and follow, as well as events that you, our users follow.  If you know of any events in your local city, state, province or country that would be of interest to us please send an comment or email to the blog and we will post it with pics and video.  So always stay tuned.


Coming up December 4th-7th we have the ever famous Tampa Am skate competition that has been blowing up all over the world in recent years.  When I lived in China, every kid in the local skate shops that I hung out at from the mainland to Hong Kong talked about the Tampa Am and frequented the Am’s YouTube videos constantly, proving the Tampa Am and Tampa Pro competitions reach.  The event continues to show the world how insanely skilled a large number of skaters have become, from incredible tech skaters to dirty street rippers the Tampa AM is a world wide force and will continue to grow in popularity as the sport grows on every continent.


Another huge event in the world wide surf community is the Billabong Pipeline Masters in December, the pipe masters will run the 8th-20th.  Pipeline is one of the most grueling and hardcore surf competitions on the planet, some feel that winning the Pipe Masters is the equivalent of winning the ASP World Title.  With the classic history of the riders who have competed and called pipeline their home as well as the devastating wave itself, anyone who walks away with the title becomes a part of the legend and pipe lore themselves.  Who is the greatest or most historic rider to conquer pipe?  That is the argument of legends, past winners include Jeff Hackman, 2 time winners Rorry Russell, and Larry Blair to local legends Gerry Lopez, Dane Kealoha, Michael and Derek Ho, Australia’s Tom Carroll, Occhi, Jake Paterson and title holder Bede Durbidge.  The fight however, may end with the ever hostile competition between 5 time winner Kelly Slater and 4 time winner Andy Irons.  Slater comes into the Pipe masters holding strong at #1 in the ASP rankings in front of 2007 Pipe Master Durbidge, can Irons who sits at 14th tie Slaters 5 wins, we shall see.

Right now we have a few Tachyon XC’s floating around in the skate and surf world from the backyard bowles and ramps of Long Beach, CA and the shores and breaks of Waialua, HI.  So stay glued to the official Tachyon XC blog for full articles of each event and some of our own skate and surf videos filmed with the Tachyon XC helmet cam.  Stop by our website and check us out www.tachyoninc.com

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