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World’s Most Affordable Dive Cam Goes HD

(May 11, 2011) Tachyon®, Inc. – The little underwater camera that challenged the video quality of the high-dollar professional market, has released an HD version of their Tachyon Micro DiveCam. This new camera takes the Micro’s already crystal-clear video and sharpens it up to a dazzling HD 720p.

The most common problem with dive cameras is the water pressure turning the camera off.  Tachyon has solved that problem with their patented dive-lock feature. The dive-lock is a switch located inside the camera and, when locked, camera’s software disengages the ON/OFF button, preventing water pressure from prematurely shutting the camera off.

The Micro HD’s 135° wide-angle lens and high-dynamic light sensor helps you to catch more of your underwater adventure than ever before. Using the recommended Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries, users get over two and half hours of hands-free, underwater footage to depths of over 100 ft (4ATM).

tachyon micro, dive cam

The Tachyon Micro Dive Cam in Action

Tachyon Micro users include scuba divers, free divers, professional fire and rescue dive teams and the US Navy, who use it for training drills.

Tachyon Micro cameras are currently being used by Elevated Scuba to explore the depths of Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States. Tachyon has officially tested the Micro at depths of 100 feet, but as you can see in the above video, the scuba team is taking it down past 168 feet.

The Micro and Micro HD weigh in at only 4 ounces and can easily be mounted to a diving mask with the included goggle strap mount. The Tachyon Micro and Micro HD are waterproof as is, and do not require an additional bulky, waterproof case. The Micros need no DVR or software; they record onto a Micro SDHC card (up to 32GB) and are plug-and-play with both PC and Mac®.

Not only are the Micro and Micro HD perfect for diving and underwater activities, but they are perfect for all kinds of sports. They’ve been used for skiing, snowboarding, offroading, hunting, skateboarding, and even flying. They really are the ultimate all around multi-use cameras.

And for the Paintball and Airsoft communities, Tachyon offers an optional Picatinny Rail Mount for that amazing, first-person view.

Harpoon Fishing with the Micro

Be sure to pre-order the Tachyon Micro or Micro HD camera today.

About Tachyon®, Inc:

Lewisville, TX based Tachyon® Inc., is the premier innovator of durable, extreme helmet cameras. The Tachyon XC Micro HD’s ease-of-use, durability, recording time, image quality, and integrated waterproofing design make Tachyon the trusted and go-to helmet camera for people who engage in a wide-range of extreme activities.

Tachyon®, Inc. is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.

®Mac is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

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Pre-Order your 2010 Tachyon XC or 2010 Tachyon XC 3D set-up.

2010 Tachyon XC

2010 Tachyon XC

Tachyon would like to thank all of our customers around the world who have made the Tachyon XC such a great success.

Our 2009 Tachyon XC model has now completely sold out, but we are taking orders for our new 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D System, which will be shipped no later than September 16, 2009.

We are sure you will like what we have done with the new cameras and also sure that we will like what you do with them.

The 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D

The 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D

Tachyon, Inc. is also looking for international resellers of the new 2010 XC. We are always looking to help our customers in the international market find our product easily and have it delivered in the shortest amount of time possible without having to waist time and money with customs and import duty. If you are an international shop or store and would like information on how to resell the 2010 Tachyon XC and Tachyon XC 3D set up please email    jc@tachyoninc.com

Tachyon, Inc. is also offering two great packages for the 3D setup- and remember because the 3D setup requires two Tachyon XC cams, you can split the price with a friend or family member and each have a camera.


2010 Tachyon XC, Handlebar Mount, 3M Dual Lock Fastening strips, Transcend 16GB SDHC, Rechargeable Green Power Pack, Twelve Energizer(TM) Ultimate Lithium AA batteries $349.99 ($384.94 if you bought everything separate)


Complete 2010 Tachyon XC 3D System, Handlebar Mount, 3M Dual Lock Fastening strips, Two Transcend 16GB SDHC, Twelve Energizer(TM) Ultimate Lithium AA batteries $549.99 ($624.94 if you bought everything separate)

Make sure and jump on these deals and pre-order a 2010 XC or the 3D Set!


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The Tachyon XC as an underwater rescue tool.

If you own a Tachyon XC or know anything about our Helmet Camera (that has become known across the globe as the toughest cam on the market), you know that it is waterproof.  One of the incredible features of the XC is that it is a self contained waterproof unit, it doesn’t need an external case to keep it safe from the elements.  We have made some great friends across the world in the last 9 months (we have sold the XC to people in over 120 countries), friends in the military, friends on police or security forces, amateur and professional athletes, and fire fighters.  There is one Dept. in particular that we have become very fond of, the Isles of Capri Fire and Rescue team.


I think we are on the phone on a weekly basis with their crew, telling stories, hearing stories and laughing our #@$’s off.  Here at Tachyon we support those who support and keep us safe by putting their lives on the line every day, the Isles of Capri team is one that we support heavily.  Just recently they took a few Tachyon XC’s out on a routine dive and used it in some of their safety maneuvers and training.  In the midst of their training exercises they tested out the camera at different depths.  In the video below you will see that the camera operated beautifully at the depth of 47 feet.  Yes, that is correct, 47 feet….with incredible clarity, and sound.

Here is a Quote from the Chief about how the XC performed and how important it can be for those in the fire, police, security and military field.

“ You definitely produced a product that is durable, of tremendous quality and extremely practical for use in emergency services.  During field testing our dive team found the Tachyon XC performed beyond expectations.  It not only withstood exposure to harsh  environments, but went on to produce video of professional quality.

This camera is exactly what we needed in order to document and critique under water rescue missions.  I highly recommend any department performing dive rescue operations utilize the Tachyon XC to document incidents which can later be critiqued in an effort to improve safety, response, and most importantly save lives.”

Chief Emilio Rodriguez
Isles of Capri, Fire and Rescue


If you are a professional scuba diver, or a recreational snorkeler the XC is what you need to record in the reef and amongst the coral.  Just watch the video and order the cam, I am pretty sure you are going to want one.  For more information go to www.tachyoninc.com

Until next time….

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Two New Videos: Rich Derousse at Magny Cours and Spear Fishing in Florida

Here are two great new Tachyon XC Videos

Rich Derousse

Here is the much anticipated video with Rich Derousse, Team Tachyon XC member in his race at Magny Cours, France.


Here is a spear fishing video from member of the Isle of Capri- Fire and Rescue Team.

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Windsurfing Action! A Great Tachyon XC windsurf video!

Two days in a row! This morning we found another amazing video on youtube filmed with the Tachyon XC, like the sailing video below the XC is mounted in above on the sail getting great footage of the rider below. With the Tachyon XC video contest coming to an end the competition is heating up!

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Sailing Video..amazing sailing video- Tachyon XC

Here is an amazing sailing video that I found on YouTube today that was shot with the Tachyon XC mounted in many different locations on the sailboat. The video is fantastic, having Coldplay for the soundtrack was a perfect match. These are the videos that drive us crazy here at the office, we love finding them!

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Keeping you updated!

Here at the Tachyon XC official blog, we are dedicated to informing you of upcoming events that we love and follow, as well as events that you, our users follow.  If you know of any events in your local city, state, province or country that would be of interest to us please send an comment or email to the blog and we will post it with pics and video.  So always stay tuned.


Coming up December 4th-7th we have the ever famous Tampa Am skate competition that has been blowing up all over the world in recent years.  When I lived in China, every kid in the local skate shops that I hung out at from the mainland to Hong Kong talked about the Tampa Am and frequented the Am’s YouTube videos constantly, proving the Tampa Am and Tampa Pro competitions reach.  The event continues to show the world how insanely skilled a large number of skaters have become, from incredible tech skaters to dirty street rippers the Tampa AM is a world wide force and will continue to grow in popularity as the sport grows on every continent.


Another huge event in the world wide surf community is the Billabong Pipeline Masters in December, the pipe masters will run the 8th-20th.  Pipeline is one of the most grueling and hardcore surf competitions on the planet, some feel that winning the Pipe Masters is the equivalent of winning the ASP World Title.  With the classic history of the riders who have competed and called pipeline their home as well as the devastating wave itself, anyone who walks away with the title becomes a part of the legend and pipe lore themselves.  Who is the greatest or most historic rider to conquer pipe?  That is the argument of legends, past winners include Jeff Hackman, 2 time winners Rorry Russell, and Larry Blair to local legends Gerry Lopez, Dane Kealoha, Michael and Derek Ho, Australia’s Tom Carroll, Occhi, Jake Paterson and title holder Bede Durbidge.  The fight however, may end with the ever hostile competition between 5 time winner Kelly Slater and 4 time winner Andy Irons.  Slater comes into the Pipe masters holding strong at #1 in the ASP rankings in front of 2007 Pipe Master Durbidge, can Irons who sits at 14th tie Slaters 5 wins, we shall see.

Right now we have a few Tachyon XC’s floating around in the skate and surf world from the backyard bowles and ramps of Long Beach, CA and the shores and breaks of Waialua, HI.  So stay glued to the official Tachyon XC blog for full articles of each event and some of our own skate and surf videos filmed with the Tachyon XC helmet cam.  Stop by our website and check us out www.tachyoninc.com

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Summer is almost here Australia!

Australia, the summer is right on your heels and the surf is pounding in anticipation. With 5 local surfers ranked in the top 10 of the ASP world surf ratings everyone is gearing to get in the water. Every little grom dreams of being the next Bede Durbidge, Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, Adrian Buchan and Mick Fanning. From the right at Burleigh Heads, Kirra and Snapper Rocks, the always consistent Duranbah and the power of Bells beach as the crowds watch the surf at Rincon, Wink pop, Bells bowl and Southside, this summer is going to be incredible.

As every little surfer dreams of cutting into the ranks of Australia’s surf legendry, there are plenty of other activities to fill the sunny days in the water. But what fun is it to enjoy a great summer and not have any memories to look back on? No worries we at Tachyon Inc have a great solution. The Tachyon XC waterproof , shockproof helmet cam. Perfect for all of your water sporting, you can mount it to the nose of your surf board, take it wake boarding and mount it to your helmet to catch the action while you pull a whirlybird or 360 method for the ladies on the boat. Snorkel through the reef with the family and record the entire day, the XC is waterproof up to 8.5 meters and can record on 4, 8, 16 and 32GB SD cards. It is perfect for kayaking the river or taking along for a day on the catamaran. There are also plenty of other great uses for the cam, just visit the website, watch the YouTube videos and find out, plus it’s a perfect gift for Christmas!

Here is a list of some of the great activities to keep you busy while using the Tachyon XC

1.       You can throw on on the snorkel and fins to swim and observe the natural wonders of the Great Barrier and Ningaloo reef or take a day to survey the 19 shipwrecks at Abrolhos Islands.

2.       Explore the amazing waterways on canoe, kayak or raft while paddling through the Blackwood, Frankland or Murchison rivers.  Go whitewater rafting in the Avon River or sea kayak the Ningaloo reef.

3.       Catamaran on the South Perth foreshore or head north on sailboat to Broome and explore the islands or just cruise Sydney harbor in your boat with friends while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

4.       Windsurf and kite surf some of the greatest spots in the world, right now is the perfect time to hit Coronation beach and the Margaret River.

5.       Wake boarding and wake surfing on over 12,000 kilometers of perfect coastline and rivers.  Strap the board on the boat plug in the Ipod and pick your spot, from Bunbury, Busselton, and Broome to Esperance, Gerldton , Mandurah, Lake Patawalonga.

Enjoy the summer Australia and remember to upload all of your great footage on YouTube and send us the link so that we can post you on our website www.tachyoninc.com.


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For the man who has everything…..

The Perfect gift for the man who has everything……

What does he need for Christmas?” “What will make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer?” Sometimes this can be the hardest question to answer around the holidays. Especially if your husband or boyfriend already has everything he needs (or wants)! If your someone; is an “outdoors man” then Tachyon Inc has the perfect gift to fit his needs, the Tachyon XC Extreme Helmet Cam.

The waterproof, shockproof, foolproof take anywhere camera is the perfect find for Christmas. He can use it riding his bike or motorcycle on the dirt or on the road. He can take it rafting, kayaking, snorkeling or wakeboarding; the XC is waterproof up to 28 feet (8.5m). The XC is perfect for any outdoor activity; it even has a remote control so he will be able to take it to the golf course where he can record his swing from a distance for those minor corrections. He can mount it to the ATV, bow or rifle during hunting season or anywhere on the tree stand, he can also mount it on the boat or canoe to film his fishing trips. The XC will be perfect for the family ski trip after Christmas, film the kids as dad comes barreling down behind them. Then back at the lodge create a movie on your laptop and share it with friends and family after you post it on YouTube.  http://www.youtube.com/tachyonxc

The Tachyon XC is the perfect surprise for the man in your life! Every guy loves to brag about his sporting activities; with the XC he’ll be able to back it up with video. This Christmas treat the man in your life to a Tachyon XC Helmet Cam. He will love you for it!


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