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Tachyon GunCam to Show GunCam for Clays at 2017 World English Championship

World English

From April 25 to April 30, 2017 Tachyon GunCam will be presenting our GunCam for Clays at the 2017 World English Sporting Championship, taking place at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio Texas.

Be sure to stop by the Vendor Mall to visit us and take a look at and pick up our new Gun Camera. It is designed specifically for clay shooters.

And as for shooting coaches, they will have their lessons reinforced when their students can see very clear video evidence of what was done wrong and what was done right.

The GunCam will capture video for all of your shooting, both in practice or in competition. There is no better tool for improving your scores than seeing your shots recorded straight from the barrel of your gun.

“GunCam’s field of target reference, excellent visual definition, and long recording time is an outstanding training tool that I use and highly recommend as a shotgun coach and competitor.
After practice and before a tournament, reviewing footage of properly executed shots helps greatly to reinforce a positive sight picture in one’s memory, thus leading to successful scores.”

Head Coach, University of Maryland Shotgun Sports Team
USA Shooting, NRA National Coach Development Staff
USA Shooting, NRA Advanced Shotgun Coach Level 3
NSCA Certified Instructor


GunCam can be purchased at the Vendor Mall at the event, but also at our website for just $229.99. We ship internationally!

While at the Vendor Mall, visit our good friends CeCa Associates, the makers of our favorite custom hand-molded ear plugs, and Best Ballistic Equipment & Sports Technology for the highest quality custom-made shooting vests.

And thanks to all of our friends and customers who have supported us over the past month of competitions in San Antonio.

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