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Tachyon Inc. introduces the 2021 Tachyon GunCam® mini for Practical Shooting

Houston, TX – July 15, 2020  

Chris Whitehouse – Creative Director

The Full-Size GunCam® Classic has been the camera of choice for the world’s best shooters to the C-Class shooters of the USPSA, IPSC and IDPA to document their matches and to improve their skills. It records in 1080p with excellent sound recording and light sensitivity.  Its built-in rechargeable Lithium battery, allows shooters to record 2.5 hours per charge. The GunCam® Classic can make use of up to 256GB micro cards (sold separately). The software, which uses DCIM, easily imports to iOS devices. Shooter can choose between a manual recording mode that allows them to stop recording when they want, or a Match Mode that automatically stops the recording after 2 minutes, letting them keep their mind on the shooting and enabling easier editing of videos.

The 2021 GunCam® mini is a new family member, originally set to launch at the IPSC Handgun World Shoot this November. It uses identical hardware and software to the legendary camera, but is just half the size and weight. It comes in at just 1.5 oz (42.5 grams) for the camera and the cap mount combined. It is so small that, the shooter may even mount under the bill of the cap, to record from the most realistic forehead view, without blocking the shooter’s sight. The mini does not have the luxury of recording as long as the original GunCam, but with the 2 minutes auto-stop option, it can record over twenty stages per charge, which is more than enough for any shooting event.

The 2021 GunCam® mini can make use of up to 256GB micro cards (sold separately). The package includes a newly-designed Cap Mount with mounting screw, a charging and upload cable, and a Rain/Dust-proof cover with glass lens cover for excellent protection from the elements while ensuring clear video.

The software, which uses DCIM, easily exports files to iOS devices. You may use an optional adapter to watch your video on Android devices, or your can Plug & Play with PC’s and Mac’s. Supported by all major video players and editing software packages.

Tachyon accepts Pre-Orders for the GunCam mini until August 15, 2020.

Place your Pre-Orders Here

“Shooter, are you ready?

2021 GunCam® mini included in the box
Full-Size GunCam® Classic and GunCam® mini size comparison

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Ricardo López Tugendhat ~ 3-Time IPSC World Champion (Revolver)

Ecuadorian Ricardo López Tugendhat, three-time revolver world champion, has had to overcome a massive disadvantage in his shooting career compared to most international competitors. Ecuador is a small country where it is difficult to find a sponsor, and it is not a country where you can just go out and buy all the guns and ammo that you need. If you even want to practice at home, you must first make your own bullets and loads.

Yet even with these drawbacks Ricardo has still managed to claim his many championships with his favorite guns, especially the revolver. He has been crowned the 2008, 2011, and 2014 IPSC World Champion (Revolver Division).

These days, Ricardo dominates world revolver shooting. You need to go back over 10 years to the time when Ricardo came second behind the legendary Jerry Miculek at the 2005 IPSC World Shoot.

In this video you can see him show off his skill with various guns in different tournaments. In these clips, taken with his cap-mounted Tachyon GunCam, you can see Ricardo with the CZ Shadow 9mm, the STI .40 S&W, the S&W 625 45ACP, and the S&W 929 9mm.

If you are interested in contacting Ricardo, for sponsorship or any other reason, you may do so at this address: rickyrevolver@yahoo.com.mx

Ricardo Sequence Small JPG


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